Jan 8, 2018

Top Story: How You Can Build $10,000 Savings in 4 Years

Bell’s story about how to save a lot of money in a hurry was our most popular article of 2017. In case you missed it, here’s how to build a $10,000 savings account in 4 years.

Saving money can seem challenging. Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and according to a Bankrate survey, only 37 percent of respondents said they could pay for unexpected expenses with savings.

But saving money is essential, and for many people, it is possible to save $2,500 every year without even noticing it's missing.

Lynn Johnson, senior vice president and director of Bell's retail banking, says even small savings each month over a long period of time provide great rewards.

"You'll never regret saving, but you might regret not saving," she said.

First, make saving a priority. Pay yourself first by setting up your direct deposit to put $50 into your savings account with each paycheck. Or set up an automatic transfer from checking to savings to coincide with when your paychecks come in. For a couple or family, that might mean one less meal at a restaurant or one less trip to the movies, but it's worth the sacrifice. If you're paid every two weeks, that's a savings of $1,300 a year.

"If you really want to save money, it needs to be a priority, and not just something you'd kind of like to do," Lynn said.

Second, sign up for a virtual piggy bank. Bell Bank's ChangeSaver program rounds up every purchase you make and deposits the difference into your savings account. If you round up your purchase by $2, and you make 50 purchases a month, that adds up to savings deposits of $100 a month or $1,200 a year. Plus, Bell matches 5 percent of your ChangeSaver roundups, up to $250 a year. That means Bell will add $60 to your $1,200 ChangeSaver savings.

When you add both savings plans together, that's a total of $2,560 for the year. Just 4 years of this would give you a savings account of $10, 240.

"We live our lives and make choices mostly from habits we've developed over the years," Lynn said. "In order to be a good or better saver, we may need to develop new habits. To do this, you need to make a conscious choice to make good decisions with your money every day and be intentional about the things you buy."

Call us or stop by and talk to a customer service expert or personal banker to sign up for ChangeSaver or ask about automatic deposits into your savings account.

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